Welcome to Salmon+Salmon the upstream agency

We bridge the gap between consulting and implementation
to accelerate your business in Europe. The only way is up.
We partner with ambitious teams to help them swim against the stream to conquer new markets. We don’t do mainstream.
We use growth hacking principles to take your product or brand upstream. Better. Faster. Stronger.

What we do

What we do in Salmon+Salmon

1. Think

Strategy is the first cornerstone of what we do.
We offer a complete suite of services from Market Research to Complete Business Transformations.

2. Build

Without Creation any strategy is useless.
We continue where consultants stop and make strategy come to life in real life, off- and online. From logo to full product, everything we build contributes to the optimal consumer experience.

3. Sell

We want to see our strategy and creation in action. More importantly, we want to see you grow. Salmon+Salmon´s Growth Hacking Sales approach is the fastest way to open new markets.

Can we help?

Looking for a job or internship?

It doesn’t matter where you live. If you're good in what you do, we should talk. Tell us what you can bring to the table and include your LinkedIn profile and/or resume at

Looking to hire an agency?

If you are interested in understanding how Salmon+Salmon can make your business grow, and what services you’ll need for that, we’re happy to talk, confidentially if you wish. Just email Ingrid at

Looking for investment?

If you are an entrepreneur working on a game-changing business idea, please email us an overview of the idea and financing to

What can you expect?


Your brand / product gets analyzed based on the consumer data we capture in real time
(product, marketing and sales data)


You get a first data-driven strategic proposition


You define our targets and choose a partnership with a minimum of 1 year
(1-3 month trials are possible in some cases)


You follow-up on the results of our omnichannel approach via live dashboarding


Your marketing and sales team receives coaching on-the-job


Our 3 promises

Hyper Personalized



Our Salmons